20 Years of Volunteering

As the Scottish Seabird Centre celebrates its 20th Birthday, Volunteer Coordinator Emily Burton, Volunteer Group Chair Sandy Forrest, Volunteer Group Coordinator Barbara Schofield, and SOS Puffin Coordinator John Hunt reflect on 20 years of volunteering.  This year, the Scottish Seabird Centre is celebrating its 20th birthday. Since the centre was first opened on the 21st... Continue Reading →

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Shorebirds in Autumn

For birds the UK is a huge international airport with long distance travellers arriving and leaving all the time.  By the autumn, our summer visitors have departed for Africa and seabirds have left their cliffs and islands to spend the winter in the Atlantic or beyond.  Taking their place are millions of wildfowl and wading... Continue Reading →

A Family Reunion

Our latest blog by SOS Puffin Leader, John Hunt, reveals an alarming tale of a family of mute swans, nesting in the marsh by North Berwick Law. Luckily the ending is a happy one. The trial project to control and raise water levels of the marsh on the north side of North Berwick Law has... Continue Reading →

Darwin 200 – broadcast live from the Bass Rock

Darwin200 aims to find and empower our next generation of conservationistshttps://darwin200.com/ This month finally saw the Seabird Centre Team return to the Bass Rock, after 2 months without any landings, and boy was it worth the wait. Maggie Sheddan (Bass Rock Landing Guide), Emily Burton (Volunteer Coordinator), Bobby Anderson (Volunteer) and Charlotte Foster (Marine Engagement... Continue Reading →

A Year at the Scottish Seabird Centre

This time last year I joined the Scottish Seabird Centre team, hired to coordinate the Wildline Project and deliver practical conservation activities along the East Lothian coastline and out on the islands in the Firth of Forth. The project was funded by NatureScot’s Biodiversity Challenge Fund and we were working with partners from around Scotland... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday – We’re 20 today!

The Scottish Seabird Centre team share 20 reflections on the wide range of activities that the Charity is involved in, on the day of the 20th anniversary of our formal opening. Wow, who would have thought our 20th birthday celebrations would be taking place in the strange set of circumstances that COVID19 brings upon us.... Continue Reading →

Spring on the Bass

In her latest blog volunteer co-ordinator, Emily Burton, gives an amazing insight into the start of the breeding season on the world's largest Northern gannet colony, the Bass Rock. We can see the gannets circling Bass Rock almost as soon as we leave the harbour, bouncing our way across the Firth of Forth a few... Continue Reading →

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