The wild outdoors

With its majestic mountains, scenic lochs, ancient woodlands and long, sandy beaches, Scotland is home to some of the most beautiful places in the world. Working in practical conservation, I am lucky enough to be reminded of this every day, enjoying first-hand the breath-taking habitats and amazing wildlife on offer.

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Volunteering for nature

It’s no secret that nature is in trouble. Whether it’s pollution, development, invasive species or climate crisis, human activity continues to impact on wildlife both here in Scotland and around the world...

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The Wildline: New about town

Brand new to the Scottish Seabird Centre and the East coast of Scotland, I’ve found myself jumping feet first into the North Berwick community as I start my role as Volunteer Coordinator. I've been hired to help deliver the Edinburgh Shoreline – The Wildline project...

A network of Marine Protected Areas

Our CEO, Susan Davies, explores the benefits of a marine protected areas network as the Scottish Government consults on whether four new Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) should be created. For the last few decades our approach to nature conservation has been based on three key pillars – species conservation measures, designation of protected areas and... Continue Reading →

Sharks in Scottish waters

It’s national Shark Awareness Day.  Did you know that Scotland’s seas support many sharks of different sizes and speeds? The largest in our coastal waters are basking sharks (Cetorhinus maximus) which can grow up to 10m (33 feet) in length. These gentle giants are the second largest fish in the world. Basking sharks are filter... Continue Reading →

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